RCIA Rite of Christian Initiation


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* Schedule 2015-2016

The Catholic Church always welcomes new members into its community.

The Rite of Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the present-day process by which people enter into the Faith.

RCIA is a process in which interested men and women can explore Catholicism, and make a decision to become a Catholic over a period of months.

RCIA classes will be given in the Lourdes Room.

If you are:

* Interested in learning more about the Catholic Church
* Unbaptized and you have a need for spirituality in your life
* Baptized, but never received any formal religious education
* Married to a Catholic and you attend Mass with them,

and you want to share in their faith
* Seeking something in your life, but not sure what?

Perhaps the RCIA is the place for you. If you are interested,

please contact :

Jeff Ghering at 731-668-2596


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