Mater Dei Award

Mater Dei
2019 Mater Dei Award recipients with Fr. David Graham, Pastor, & Fr. Francisco Franquiz (from left): Mr. Kevin Brown, Mrs. Jan Van Drew, & Dr. Jaime Montoya

The Mater Dei Award for Outstanding Christian Stewardship is our parish’s way of recognizing the great work that many of our parishioners do, often quietly, throughout the year.

As Christian disciples, we are called to be good stewards of the many gifts that God has gifted to us.  God is glorified & other people are brought closer to Him by our stewardship.  When we recognize outstanding stewards, we are doing it so that God’s great love & mercy can be praised.

We bestow up to 3 Mater Dei Awards each year.  Parishioners nominate potential recipients by filling out a required nomination form.  Then, an anonymous committee of parishioners prays over & reads the forms.  Finally, they make their recommendation to the pastor and the awards are bestowed.

Each recipient of the award is honored at our Parish Feast Day Celebration Dinner & each of them receives a beautiful pewter medal that they can display in their homes or wear on special occasions.

We are looking forward to see which outstanding stewards the Lord identifies this year!  If you would like to nominate a parishioner for the Mater Dei Award for Outstanding Christian Stewardship, please click here to access the 2020 Mater Dei Award nomination form.  (Note: previous recipients, listed on the form, are ineligible to receive the award again.)