Welcome H.O.M.E.

We want you to know about a special initiative that we are developing here at St. Mary’s.  It’s called Welcome H.O.M.E. Catholics.

H.O.M.E. stands for Healing, Overcoming doubts, Moving forward, & Encountering Jesus.  These are all necessary things in the life of faith & bringing people back to the center of parish life.

This will be an ongoing ministry that we have here at our parish.  We want to find & reach out to everyone in our community, reminding them that St. Mary’s is their spiritual home.

Whether people have felt disengaged from our parish.  Whether they have left the Church & been away for 20 years.  Whether they have just been traveling to other parishes.  No matter the reason, we want people to come home to St. Mary’s!

Our efforts will kick off on Ash Wednesday, March 6.  For our first campaign, we will be focusing on welcoming people back into our parish for Holy Week 2019 (April 14-21).  We’ll call it “Come Home for Holy Week.”  You’ll start hearing more about this in the coming days & weeks.

Fr. David will to address the parish this on Sunday, February 17, during the Knights of Columbus Country Breakfasts in Holy Family Hall at 9am & 11:30am.  If you want more information, with graphics & all, join us for this conversation!

We need ALL PARISHIONERS to be on the lookout for people to invite home.  Maybe they’re your neighbors or co-workers.  Maybe they’re in your extended or immediate families.  No matter who they are, this will be most effective if YOU give them a heart-felt invitation to come home.

If you have questions, please feel free to call or email our parish office.  We’re happy to have you on board with our new effort!