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Call of Disciples

At the beginning of the Gospel of Mark, Jesus offered an invitation: “Follow me” (Mark 1:17). That invitation applies to ALL OF US, in the 21st century, too. Jesus has called each of us to be disciples, no matter our age or life condition.

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The family is the setting in which we learn the Good News of Jesus Christ in the most real & effective way. Everything that we offer here at St. Mary’s is about helping families live out their Catholic faith…together!

If we are to become disciples, we must be formed in our faith, no matter our age.  We must grow in knowledge and in love. At St. Mary’s we are working diligently to provide EVERY PARISHIONER IN EVERY AGE GROUP & EVERY FAMILY STATUS with the opportunity to encounter the Lord, and to grow in knowledge and love!

Generally, the age groups for these opportunities fall into three basic categories.  Click on any of the links below (coming soon) for more information.

We also provide digital faith formation through the FORMED website!  This amazing website has great video series, feature-length films, audio talks, and e-books for parishioners in every age group!  Click the picture below to visit the FORMED website.  To register for FORMED, click “Sign up as a parishioner,” then enter the parish ZIP code (38305) & choose our parish. Then, follow the prompts to finish your registration.