Moron, Haiti Mission

Since the late 1990s, our parish has partnered with the Parish Twinning Program of the Americas to support a sister parish in Moron, Haiti.  Our parish provides spiritual and financial support.  Since we began working with this twinning program, we have provided assistance for a parish rectory, and for the parish school that enrolls over 450 students!  We recognize that our Lord calls us to help those who are unable to help themselves in the same ways that we are.

Haiti Parish Church
The parish church, our twin parish, in Moron, Haiti

In 2006, we assisted with opening an orphanage that cares for young girls, the Christian Girls Home of Moron, Haiti.  Our parishioners have established a 501c(3) corporation to assist the orphanage with cash needs and equipment.  Each year, we host a dinner & dance event to fund this mission.

Haiti Orphanage
The group of girls assisted at the orphanage, along with our previous associate pastor.

You also can help fund our Haiti mission, including the Christian Girls Home, by clicking the button below.  In advance, thank you for your generosity!

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Another opportunity to assist this mission by stewardship of your gifts is the Jim Butler Academic Angels program.  For $100/year, you can provide education for a Haitian child at the local Catholic school.  Each year during September & October, we try to fund as many Haitian children, academic angels, as possible.

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